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Dedicated Short Code
Wire2air guide to short code Activation, Provisioning and Management
Common Short Code (CSC) Provisioning & Management

Short Code is like a domain which denotes your brand identity and service. A Short Code is 5 or 6 digit short code number of brand name or service. For example, Google uses 466453. Many companies, TV programs, election campaigns today using own short code for marketing their products, reality shows and voting campaigns. Short code is easy to remember for users and also it identify you name so you can get easily popularity among your audience.

Short code is usually two types shared short code and dedicated. Dedicated Short Code is the code which is issued only for one customer. Dedicated Shot code is provided by Common Short Code Administration.

Dedicated Short Code: dedicated short codes are devoted to one customer and are costly and take time to set up. In the US location it takes $15,000 to $30,000 per year and takes 5 to 6 weeks to get ready if you signup with wire2air otherwise it can takes two and more months to get it ready. If you are buying dedicated short code in the US, you can select vanity or random codes like choosing you mobile number at shop but vanity codes cost around $1,000 p/m and a random short codes cost about half of that.


Short Code Provisioning Services
The process to register and activate a short code with carriers is complex and time consuming. For that reason, Wire2air provides these services to its clients and can lease, provision and activate short codes with carriers throughout North America (United States and Canada).

While clients can registered a short code with neustar and not connect it to a carrier, in order to send/receive traffic through the short code, the code must be provisioned. The provisioning process consists of several complex parts that must be done in order and per current carrier guidelines to achieve approval on each carrier.


Here's the steps Wire2air takes to get your short code
  • Consultation with our experts to advise you of Carrier expectations, regulations and compliancy requirements
  • Short Code provisioning services from application preparation, leasing, carrier approval, monitoring and reporting
  • Continuous Carrier Updates - as they become available
  • Cross-carrier support for common required interactions including HELP, STOP, END along with " msg & data rates apply" according to each carrier's guidelines
  • Regular updates and reports from our dedicated Short Code Provisioning team
Once you get your Dedicated Short Code, wire2air offers you numerous mobile marketing and services that suits to your business needs. Go for it!