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Picture Message service, and MMS Messaging

What is Picture MMS Messaging?

Wire2Air Picture Message service Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows businesess to send rich Picture messaging (MMS) and receive picture messages online using easy to use web portal. Marketers can now combine text, pictures, animations, speech, video and audio for the ultimate picture messaging experience.

A picture message (MMS) can, for example, be a photo or picture postcard annotated with text and/or an audio clip, text, photo or a video clip. It can also simply be a drawing combined with text.

Picture Messaging (MMS), the Multimedia Messaging Service, is an advance way to send text messages that include pictures and videos to mobile phones. Now send text messages beyond the 160 characters in length using Picture message service (MMS). Brands, advertisers, and businesses can deliver powerful picture messages with multimedia content and increase brand recognition, sales, promotions, and marketing. Wire2Air provides solutions to send single or mass Picture message (MMS) messages online using the web based software.With Wire2Air picture message service (multi media messaging service) you can launch Mass & Bulk MMS in seconds.

Developer API: Send Picture Message (MMS) API

Wire2Air Picture Message API (MMS) API allows developers to integrate MMS with

their applications with simple HTTP APIs. Developers can send pictures, video, and sound to mobile users and develop media rich mobile messaging apps.


Download MMS send API specification

Wire2Air Picture Message API Receive (MMS) API allows developers to receive picture messages in their web applications with simple HTTP APIs. Developers can receive pictures, video, and sound to mobile users and develop media rich mobile messaging apps.

Download MMS receive API specification


For example; A online event, or movie ticket website can send a ticket barcode directly to the phone, instead of having customer print the tickets.

MMS Marketing: Picture Message Marketing or Video Message Marketing

The platform provides an opportunity for marketers to create video message marketing campaigns. Text-to-MMS deliver rich engaging video or picture advertisement or build on demand to consumers


and also build opt-in list. MMS-to-win campaigns, such as consumer can take picture or shot a video and send it as MMS to short code

to enter in the campaign. Marketers can also use group MMS feature to send video or picture message with text beyond 160 characters to opt-in mobile subscribers, e.g. Mobile coupons with barcodes, a product short video, etc.



MMS mobile coupons

Business can send scannable MMS coupons to customer using MMS picture messaging. Customer can

either text a keyword to receive a coupon or business can mass send MMS mobile coupons to opt-in customers' mobile phone.

See MMS Coupons campaign in Action:
Text Ricks to 27126 (msg&data rates may apply)


Business MMS to Email: Receive picture message (MMS) as email for business

The platform also offers suites of messaging applications for business communication which requires more than 160 characters.

Application such as MMS to Email, Email to MMS creates an opportunity for field communication automation and productivity. Insurance claim adjuster can take picture of damage property and send as MMS to back office for processing.

There is a myth that only smartphones can send and receive MMS, but the fact is that even featured phone with camera can also send and receive MMS. This means that most mobile subscribers can send and receive video or Picture MMS on their mobile phones. The Wire2Air MMS platform converts a MMS message into a mobile link for non-supported networks and devices. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketers to interact with the mobile users.


Vertical Markets: Entertainment, Media, Moview trailers,Movie & Show Tickets, Retail, Brands, m-Greetings, Sports & News Alerts, Business, Enterprise, Office automation, Mobile Health, Insurance, Real Estate, Security Monitoring, Social Media etc.

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