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SMS Marketing & sms mobile marketing Platform
Web mobile marketing solutions. To allow brands and small businesses efficiently build integrated mobile marketing campaigns

What is mobile marketing campaigns
  • The Wire2Air is a mobile marketing tool developed by Wire2Air to provide companies with the ability to launch mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Handles the routing, management and delivery of SMS messages and offers an easy way to create mobile marketing campaigns through a specially designed web application.
  • A Complete solution for the management and handling of mobile marketing campaigns..
  • Self Manage web based campaign Manager.
  • Unique Keyword routing engine, aliases keywords
  • End-User Control (opt-in/opt-out) user can “opt-out” at anytime with a Stop request.
  • Sticky Session; allow to create interactive applications
  • Supports multiple portals
  • Web, WAP and PDA, Premium-SMS support
  • Subscription lists in order to later be able to communicate with them via SMS, using the Broadcast tool.
  • Support SMPP, CIMD, & HTTP
  • Seamless integration with Content delivery platform
  • Integrated with premium SMS billing platform Sub Accounts support
  • Account, Billing, keyword credits, SMS credits management.
  • Live Web Reporting; Detailed MO/MT reports, Keyword and Subscription analysis, and many more statistics..
  • Export capabilities for all the information presented in Excel, PDF and RTF format..
  • Flexible architecture, just about every facet of MCDP can be tailored to provide an implementation customized to your specific needs.
  • Security; Users, Role, and Group management.
  • Support Multiple short codes
  • SMS credit level threshold alerts
  • Shared & dedicated shortcodes
  • 24/7 maintenance and support
  • Certified with all major carriers in North America
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