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Mobile Portal Framework
Wire2air launched its Mobile web portal Framework 1.0.

The new release aims to significantly improve mobile Internet browsing through dynamic web applications, providing a rich browsing experience, and represents the Company's most recent initiative to achieving its vision of Web technologies as a ubiquitous platform supporting advanced applications for mobile devices.

The framework introduces support for creation of highly efficient, interactive mobile web applications. The integrated offering supports the ability to deliver content to devices with XHTML, WML, and CHTML support.

The introduction of the device independent library of dynamic components will allow the construction of high capability mobile client applications. Combining these pre-built libraries with device-independent mark-up also reduces the software development effort, enabling lightweight programming models. The solution is attractive for developers wishing to ride the wave of rich web applications for mobile users, and can dramatically reduce costs compared with using J2ME, BREW, Symbian or MS Mobile.

The resulting mobile browser-based applications can be delivered on-demand to the mobile device rather than having to be pre-installed. The new component library includes support for various dynamic contents as well as a number of dynamic screen items such as mobile content, list control, Polls, Rss Feeds, Articles, etc.